Thoughts on a fan comment and Marc Barriga

Good Day, I know only a few or a handful of people will bother to read this post of mine first off I haven’t really learned how to use WordPress but don’t worry I’d be learning how to really use it efficiently in a few months time. First off, if you’re a basketball fan and been following basketball all your life, perhaps you’ve been following the men’s basketball competition in the Olympics featuring powerhouse teams like the United States, Spain, France and Lithuania, and boy the US are handing down a truck load of whoop ass all over London, well so far. Other than that you might also be following the PBA’s season closing Governor’s Cup finals between the upstart Rain or Shine Elasto Painters (who’s making its first Finals appearance) versus the B-Meg Llamados (who just won a championship last conference). The series has been physical and now that the series will reach its climax on Sunday, I expect the physicality to go to the next level, though there were no suspensions handed on each team, there’s been side comments by fans that the other team is playing too physical just like this comment from twitter.

translation: try hurting someone tomorrow (Game 7 is tomorrow in this case when she said someone it means players from B-Meg) after the game you will attend someone’s funeral you know very well who they are

If you ask me this post is a clear example of a death threat, the one thing I learned from a policeman friend that I met during college a threat no matter how bogus, stupid or real it is should be taken seriously, I mean this person is a great example on how fans can get low and I mean very low. There’s a big difference between defending your team because you’re a fan and intimidating family members of opposing team, giving them grave threats and all because you’re a fan. I’d rather not mention the person’s name or twitter ID because it would be immature on my part as well.

Barriga the lone boxing representative of the Philippines bows out of Olympic competition. Still I’m proud of you

Marc Barriga our country’s only boxing bet bows out of the competition specifically at the round of 16 falling short against Kazakhstan’s Birzhan Zhakypov, while the country is outraged because of the trigger happy referee giving out penalties to Barriga that cost him the match either way I’m still proud of Barriga, hope he’s still in top form come 2016 in Rio.


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