After the controversial choke, former New York Knick and Denver Nugget forward Renaldo Balkman was summoned to the commisioner’s office. The incident spread like wildfire, the @NOTBillWalton twitter account had some amusing remarks on the incident while followers of the’s facebook account blasted Renaldo Balkman’s shenanigans as he both choked figuratively and literally during the game, a first I guess.

While waiting for “judgment day”, Balkman made peace with his teammates (including Arwind Santos, that was capped off by their handshake and hug at the AKTV Center) and coaching staff as his teammates rally behind him in support, as he tried to defend himself against a panel that will review the incident including hard boiled PBA Commissioner Chito Salud.


The whole Petron team led by Arwind Santos in slippers and Head Coach Olsen Racela the guy on your right with a fist on his face (picture from

Even with all the support from some Petron fan and the team, with a heartfelt apology on National TV that actually eclipsed the San Mig Coffee and Ginebra game, the league has come to a decision and a very rough one. A lifetime ban in the PBA, please read the image below.



The decision on Balkman’s expulsion from the PBA, raised eyebrows to the fans, some “Petron Die Hards” would say that the Commissioner was paid because Balkman made a mediocre (yes mediocre) team better. Yet some praised the Commissioner on his decision. Even actor Robin Padilla said in a statement that he would go to war with Commissioner Salud, as a testament of respect.



Pope Francis the first Latin Pope elected, photo from wikipedia

Last March 13, 2013, the Roman Catholic Church unveiled a new Pope after Pope Benedict XVI abdicated the Papacy, the successor is an Argentian Bishop named Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He will now be known as Pope Francis, named after Saint Francis of Assisi, St. Francis is known for his humility and love of God. The new Pope even took a bus, instead of riding limos when he’s in Rome. 

I guess the Catholic Church is on the right track.


A UP Manila freshmen killed herself a few days ago because she won’t be able to enroll this coming semester, her family currently owes about Php 10,000 according to the UP Manila registar. What’s sad about this story is that Kristel (the student’s name) is a very good student, a combination of beauty and brains but her family fell through hard times. After his father got canned as a warehouse supervisor the only thing that kept her family going is that Kristel is going to a great school in UP (a State University here in the Philippines), but unfortunately because the family lacked the budget and of course a very stiff policies of UP, the family fell into a deeper hole, as they missed payment after payment putting the young Kristel’s future in danger. Hence she committed suicide. Read the following story on the link that I will provide below.

Kristel’s suicide could have been prevented, not that I blame the UP Admin for screwing her life up by cowardly ending her own life, but I just wish the school Admins all over the Philippines can show a bit of compassion to those deserving students that needed education and my guess is Kristel is a deserving student. I just wish this will be a lesson not only to UP, but also to reputed schools such as Ateneo, La Salle, UST to have a heart.

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Credit to Nikko Ramos for the picture

Credit to Nikko Ramos for the picture

from lol @ the ref

lol @ the ref

Former New York Knick and Denver Nugget Renaldo Balkman may have found his way playing in the PBA, but he didn’t get lost in the lime light, this former 20th pick overall in the 2006 Draft, played 6 seasons in the NBA starting with the Knicks, then to the Nuggets and was part of the Carmelo Anthony trade that sent him back to the Big Apple after a year or so of being away to the Big Apple.

He then made his way here in the Philippines to play with the inconsistent and troubled team the Petron Blaze Boosters, leading them to 5 straight victories, he averaged about 39.6 minutes per game while amassing an impressive 28.17 ppg 12.83 rpg 2.5 apg 2.7 spg 2.83 bpg while adding 3.5 TOpg and 2.83 FPG just to add something, that is pretty impressive for an import proving his worth as an NBA veteran, but in this game, he was just limited to a lowly 6 points, frustrated by the Alaska Defense that is led by another NBA veteran in Rob Dozier, they frustrated Balkman that lead to this even. Pushing Assistant Coach Biboy Ravanes, team mate Ronald Tubid and an epic confrontation with Petron’s erstwhile leader Arwind Santos.

With this incident, this puts Petron back to square one, in my opinion it might only get worse, as this troubled team who once denied the mighty Talk N’ Text Tropang Texters of a Grand Slam almost 2 years ago by winning the Governor’s Cup only to be lost and never found its way back to PBA Title Contention. With all the controversy surrounding Petron, from a mild Arwind Santos, Alex Cabagnot and Jay Washington feud, we add this incident to the on going turmoil of the team. Perhaps Balkman had a bad day, or perhaps the maid caught him jacking off in the shower, we’ll never know.

Come Monday, the League commissioner will talk to Balkman regarding the incident. With that we open another topic to the on going saga that is called Petronovela.

PS: Credit Goes to InterAKTV youtube page for the video