Let Me Drown in You, Did I bring this to myself? Can I get out alive?

A night of uncertainty, what waits beyond the unknown? Is there a reward that awaits the patient or perhaps the horror that waits in the dark. Everyday the unknown consumes me, not as an obsession, but more of a longing, a longing to find the answer from within.

I sat in the hills and stared in the abyss, I closed my eyes and ignored the voices, the things that did not allow the possibility of answering the questions that I long tried finding. I stood up and prepared for the journey, asked myself again what awaits for me beyond the unknown? I suddenly closed my eyes and the streams of possibilities both utopia and a nightmare coursed through my mind. It didn’t give me the answer that I need, instead It created more questions than a possible answer.

I started walking not knowing what awaits me, not minding the possibility of defeat and anguish, not even minding people calling me a fool. The unknown calls me. I intend to forge my own destiny with this journey.

-End of Part I-


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