Let Me Drown in You: The Whims of the Unending Silence

The journey took me far, far from all the things that will remind me who I was, far from the haven that I call home. The journey took me to the plains, a barren wasteland of perhaps hopelessness, I stopped and sat in the middle of a dry land, felt the death, despair and anguish. The land felt it was in need of comfort, because it dreads the feeling of doom. The land might have been there to discourage stop me in my journey, then I looked elsewhere saw a tiny speck of life, a flower in the middle of the rock, I sat in front of it and listened to the infinite cries, the cries of the hope dying in this land, forsaken but not dead, left alone yet united, the faint sound suddenly was replaced by a loud roar of thunder in the sky and rain started falling from the sky as if a blessing from the Almighty. The deafening silence was replaced by the sound of thousands of drops of water giving me hope, hope that someday  I will find the answer.

End of Part 2


The Man of Steel: You will believe a man can fly… Again…


It’s been 7 years since the disappointing Superman Returns hits the theater, with all the hype and excitement that’s been built up from that movie, the majority of the movie goers left distraught at the taught of what happened? Sure Bradon Routh had an OK performance as Superman, but perhaps what ruined it is the bad story telling and Superman having a kid (well blame it on Superman 2).

For seven years fans of the “Boy Scout” and the DC Universe had to live in a world where Marvel was dominating the theaters well except for the Nolanverse Batman film that was released between 2005 to 2012. Superman was put in the shelf for oh so many times before Warner and DC collectively said screw it, let’s do it anyway, so here comes The Man of Steel perhaps the 2nd step (with the Dark Knight Rises being the first) or the first step to a possible Justice League movie in 2015.

To start off, having another Superman film might be a little to “complex”  for the film makers knowing how the previous Superman films such as 2, 3 and 4 had a little comedic tone into it instead of concentrating on other things that made Superman a Kryptonian capable of human emotions (well check out Superman 1 and Superman 2: Richard Donner Cut as a good example on showing Clark/Kal-El’s humanity). Superman Returns on the other hand may have failed in showing big blue’s humanity. In Man of Steel though, the story of Superman started where it should have started “home”, in his doomed planet of Krypton. The set designs where far different from it’s predecessors design of the planet, even the Kryptonian battle armor that General Zod and Jor-El wore looks elegant, it will remind you of an old Roman battle armor only with the addition of the family symbol on it’s chest. The scene from Krypton gives you a little more taste of the planet and it’s locale, it also gave you a modern take on the iconic phantom zone. Gone are the crystal like edifice and was replaced by more of a Naboo-ish style of a planet.

Another thing worth mentioning in the film is how you felt like watching a compressed version of Smallville in the first hour of the film, on how Clark started to develop or realize that he has powers, and how he controlled it and it also gave us a glimpse of how Clark had to deal with the kids at school and his heroic acts when he left the state of Kansas to trace his Kryptonian heritage. The story may have been dragging to some at this point, but it adds to what makes this movie the best of the franchise since Superman 1, his hesitation to show himself to the world and the choices he had to make in order to save the planet that he calls home.

The fight scenes on the other hand might have been inspired by the Injustice game, as numerous slams, throwing someone in the building, explosions and all the other stuff that added to the grit of the battle with his “final foe” in the film. The villain on the other hand is a classic well known villain from DC’s past and a fan favorite as well (though it might be a spoiler if I mentioned it), I wonder how Viggo Mortensen  would perform if he did choose to agree to play the part, though the actor who played the villain was convincing as well, well no one can top Terrence Stamp of course (ooops). Regardless of what people say Kevin Costner has been one of my favorite actors growing up, he fitted the role of a laid back, mild mannered yet strong willed Jonathan Kent, his chemistry with Henry Cavill (I’ll get to him later) captured the essence of what Jonathan and Clark would look like, Dianne Lane still looks stunning even up to this day, even with that make up. Russell Crowe, do I really have to remind ourselves that he’s already a good actor and perhaps can play anything including a rat? Lawrence Fishburne, was a more relaxed boss rather than an intense one during the Christopher Reeve films, even when he’s angry he seems relaxed, Amy Adams not only added the charm to play the part of Lois Lane she also had the wit and the charisma as a bonus. With that I end with Henry Cavill, Cavill is no Christopher Reeve and perhaps no one can top Christopher Reeve ever! But Cavill did a good job taking the Kryptonian mantle, he made us believe once again that a man can fly.

To sum it all up: The Man of Steel, brought back what is good in Superman, his humanity, and Superman’s humanity in my opinion is what makes Superman, Super..