Let Me Drown in You: The Whims of the Unending Silence

The journey took me far, far from all the things that will remind me who I was, far from the haven that I call home. The journey took me to the plains, a barren wasteland of perhaps hopelessness, I stopped and sat in the middle of a dry land, felt the death, despair and anguish. The land felt it was in need of comfort, because it dreads the feeling of doom. The land might have been there to discourage stop me in my journey, then I looked elsewhere saw a tiny speck of life, a flower in the middle of the rock, I sat in front of it and listened to the infinite cries, the cries of the hope dying in this land, forsaken but not dead, left alone yet united, the faint sound suddenly was replaced by a loud roar of thunder in the sky and rain started falling from the sky as if a blessing from the Almighty. The deafening silence was replaced by the sound of thousands of drops of water giving me hope, hope that someday  I will find the answer.

End of Part 2


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