Let Me Drown In You: The Mystery of the Unsaid Words

Weeks haves passed, the longing for the truth still in the balance, the man remained willful finding, the journey gave him strength. The journey changed him, he grew more patient, he persevered more all throughout the journey, despite the daunting task of his quest, to find the unknown.

The man then stumbled into a town, it was abandoned, dirty, and desolate. He walked pass the old bar and stumbled into a old house, the man sat by the chair in it’s terrace, drank from his canteen to nourish him, the journey has been long, the man stared in nothingness as gust of winds stream towards his face, and out of the silence a voice called him saying, “what brings you here? This town has been abandoned for years”. The man stood up and answered “I’m in an important journey”, the man said “I happen to pass by this town and decided to have a sit here, in your house I guess, sorry but I guess I better get going. The man stood up but the old man grabbed on to his shoulder and said, “non-sense, please stay, stay nightfall is coming, you wouldn’t want to know what waits in the dark”. The man smiled and obliged to the old man’s request and started introducing themselves.

The Old Man had lived in this town for years, people left because of a plague had engulfed the town. The Old Man chose to stay, in his own words he said, “I’m haven’t given up, I know the town has seen it’s better days but then again, I chose to stay because I have hope”. The Old Man prepared corn, some bread, rice and some vegetables I couldn’t identify, there was 2 chicken wings in the table. The old man survived years without contact to the “outside world”, he was crafty enough to try to salvage whatever’s left in his old town and started planting, a portion of the backyard is dedicated to his chickens, and his harvest.

After dinner, we took a stroll at the old town fountain, it was dry, the old man told me that this was once the most visited landmark in this town. “Young man, the fountain was once the center of this town, this is were the citizens will gather around, to listen to music, watch plays or any show”, said the old man, “even politicians would visit, and hold their speeches he.. or rather lies in this very spot, the town has full of hope”. The mad nodded and looked around and in his mind drew a picture of what the old town looks like. “It’s been years since I talked to someone, years”, the old man then continued, “I figured you’ve had a long journey. Where it is you’re going young man?” The man then replied, “I’m in this journey, yet I don’t know what to expect, and I don’t know if I’m going to succeed”. The old man then asked, “then you must do what you must in order to succeed, you cannot just waltz in there and expect that everything will be good, again I ask you why did you embark on this journey?” The man looked at the old man’s eyes and said “perhaps there are things better left unsaid, the less I say the better” said the younger fellow. “Well you can’t just start having this quest without a reason, but then again if you want to keep it to yourself then it’s ok”. The man then stood up and and glanced back at his elder and said “have you ever wished for something and yet you think it is far from reach but then again you continue to pursue that?” The old man gazed at the stars and said, “why do you think I’m here? I still have hope, that one day this town will be flocked by people who wanted to have a good start”. The man was left speechless and started walking back at the fountain, the old man then said,”Come now, you tell me what you want, you can trust that I will not tell a soul on what you’re going to share”. The man then said, “I embarked on this journey, without knowing what to expect, I have faced a lot of trials along the way, not including the trials I have encountered before”, the man paused for a minute then continued, “I’m in search of this angel, I don’t know, maybe that is an angel, or maybe it’s not, I don’t know sir, all the questions have led me to this journey, yet there are things that I cannot say”. The old man nodded and lit up his pipe and said, “I guess you better tell that ‘angel’ all the things you need to say once you find her or it, I wish you luck”. The man then shook the hand of his companion and started walking back at his place.

At 5AM, the man prepared for his journey back, the old man was gracious enough to give him some spare corn, a fresh supply of water and a horse, to aid his journey. “Young man, may you find the peace that you’ve been searching for”, to which the young replied, “thank you sir, I will always remember your kindness, till we meet again”. The man drifted away from the town, as he looked up and saw a radiant rainbow at seems following him around.

End of Part 3