Let Me Drown in You: I feel as though I am reborn

The sound of thunder echoes throughout the land, rainfall started falling, as I collapsed near the cave due to exhaustion, I haven’t eaten for days, tired, weary, my body torn apart due to fatigue, the horse the old man gave me died about a week ago, sorry sir, I can’t bring her back anymore.  I crawled, took shelter by the caverns, the huge rocks would be my bed, an upgrade I guess. I slowly drifted as the sound of the ranging storm outside intensified, I glanced at an opening in the cave and saw someone standing, a woman dressed in a blue designed in a gown-like fashion, I tried standing up but I have no strength left, all I can remember is that this woman grabbed me as I started collapsing in her arms, telling me that everything is gonna be alright. I faded into her arms, as if I never slept before. I slumbered not minding the danger of this certain stranger might bring in my weakness, as my strength expired and I was unconscious not a minute later.

I woke up with a smell of fresh food being cooked a few steps away from where I’m lying, I woke up in a place that is different from the cave that I seek shelter, the rocks have been replaced by fine wood, to my right a window overlooking the sea, to my back, another window overlooking both the sand and a lush man made forest, a vase with beautiful flowers that seems to be shining as the sunlight touches it’s petals, the room or perhaps the cabin I’m in has only a bed, the vase, a table, a wooden stove, a big jar perhaps that’s where the water is kept, a few paintings, some paper where I was able to read a few of her short stories and maybe rants, I’m sure she’s the one that brought me here, I was walking around her home when she finally came to the door and gave me a big smile, I smiled back and looked into her eyes, that round black eyes, and her long hair that flows like water, her face radiates throughout the room, her brown colored skin makes her more unique as if she commanded the beauty of this place, I don’t know where I am right now, but I feel like I wanted to stay here, or is this the end of my journey. I asked myself is this the void, the darkness, the beyond or whatever it is called that called me here?

She continued smiling, I smiled back, we said no word for like eons, I don’t know if I’m dreaming maybe my exhaustion brought me to imagine this plane, if this is a dream I ask the Good Lord not to wake me up. She then approached me, gave me the portion of her food, I asked am I dreaming? Is it you? The one that I seek? I have questions, but I don’t know where to start. She answered, “This is not a dream sir, you have reached your destination and I guarantee you that you’re dreaming, you finally found me, and I guess it’s time for me to tell you something, please sit down, have a sip of this delicious juice I made, I also have fresh fruit, please, please eat for I will tell you everything you want to know”. I took the fruit juice took a sip on it, it’s natural sweetness was refreshing for I didn’t had anything that is this refreshing other than what the old man back in that deserted town gave me, I took a bite in in the apple that she gave me, the juice of the apple crept slowly in my teeth the freshness of it nourishes my tired body, She joined me as I eat, she poured more juice and encourages me to eat more. I held her hand and I asked, may have your name? Who are you? With you I somehow feel different? Can you please tell me who you are? Please. She smiled back as she prepares to answer my question.

End of Part 4