Thor 2: The Dark World Review: “Donald Blake” picked up the rubbish Tony Stark left


Contains minor spoilers to avoid that please watch out for this structured characters: ABCDEFG HIJKLMN

Amid the praises and the adulation that Iron Man 3 has got I still think it sucks and was a big letdown for fans of the comics (well not all I guess). Iron Man 3 simply an abomination, an insult to those who were expecting something big especially when Stark is going up against his perennial nemesis The Mandarin. Overall this was a big disappointment story wise.

With that out of the way I approached Thor 2: The Dark World with caution, after all I wasted PHP 250 of my good money just to see Iron Man 3 a few months back, I’m wondering after all the things that happened in the Avengers I’m wondering if Marvel Studios already used their creative juices to build up the Avengers movie (Iron Man, Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America and the Avengers). Apparently all is not lost, as I saw the promising Captain America sequel during the trailer (seeing Winter Soldier – Bucky in the Big Screen made me smile from ear to ear and I’m a Batman fan – both comics and the big screen). Anyway as the trailers roll on and the movie is about to play, there is something deep inside of me crying and begging and hoping that this movie won’t stink the joint after all this sequel is suppose to have a bigger build up in the Avengers 2.

The opened with Odin (played by the peerless Anthony Hopkins) narrating Bor’s (Odin’s dad) conquest over Malekith the Accursed, a Dark Elf. The first part of the movie already introduced us to the integral part of the film (and I won’t tell much I will try to keep it spoiler free), the Aether. Aether is a  mystical super weapon that according to my research doesn’t exist in the comic realm, whether that be the Marvel Ultimate Universe or Earth 616, with that I will let the Marvel wiki Database fill you in with Aether.

The Aether is a mysterious force that existed before the birth of the Nine Realms. It is known to be able to convert matter into dark matter, and otherwise maintains an almost lifelike existence that causes it to bond in a parasitic fashion to a living host. Once bonded, the energies of the Aether slowly consume any mortal host, and also have a volatile and deadly effect on any who come into contact with the host in a manner that the Aether perceives as threatening. Bonded with a stronger host that understands its power, the Aether can be employed as a weapon where it lashes out with a concussive force, or reaches out to convert matter.

Anyway with that explanation out of the way, let me continue my review. Thor 2 may not be line up as the greatest superhero movie of all time (Superman 1, The Dark Knight, The Avengers and Spiderman), this movie allowed you to hope that another Marvel movie can be as good as this one again. The acting in this movie may not win Academy Awards but Rene Russo’s role as Frigga or Frigg the wife of Odin was somewhat a welcome, this time she was given a far more bigger responsibility in this movie compared to the first Thor movie. The Warriors Three is not complete in this movie with the lack of appearance coming from Hogun and as usual for crying out loud where the f*ck is Balder? I was hoping that Balder finally makes an appearance because he had big roles in the past Marvel crossovers (like Siege and I think he was on the lackluster Fear Itself storyline), with that out of the way, I can’t say much how I admire Anthony Hopkins, I think he can play any role to perfection. Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth, still had that on screen chemistry that worked in the first film. To all Chuck fans out there I would like to say that Zachary Levi this time played the role of Fandral, one of the Warriors Three of Asgard, I thought it was still Joshua Dallas who is still playing the role but Levi pulled it off as if the intersect was still inside of him. Tom Hiddleston on the other hand gave us a new dimension on his acting ability and was very good throughout the story, if you find the story boring Loki’s emotions will give you that enough reasons to stay and watch until the end credits roll.

Going back to the story, if Iron Man 3 was given to a marijuana induced teenager who watches too much MTV, Thor: The Dark World this time might not be masterfully written but at least it gave the build up more dignity, the story may not be as compelling as the other “Superhero Movies” out there but this movie  showed some issues such as Thor’s reluctance to sit in the throne of Asgard (HELLO! THIS IS WHERE WE NEED BALDER ODINSON) and he is somewhat love tied between Sif (played by Jaime Alexander) and Jane Foster (Portman), the only beef that I have with this flick is that this was never addressed during the course of the film (like a verbal confrontation between the two vixens or heroines in the film, all we got is an “eye to eye contact between them” during the siege of Asgard courtesy of the Dark Elves. The story may not be as complicated as you think and can be oft times predictable especially in the end, but the fun factor was always there unlike Iron Man 3 who lost steam the moment The Mandarin introduced himself as an English actor Trevor Slattery, God that was a stinker.

Overall this movie made me look forward to another Marvel Studios movie, it may not be as good as advertised but it’s not disappointing either. I recommend watching it and have fun watching it, of course your brain cells will not be challenged during the course of the film but never the less, we all watch something stupid on TV or on film. I give this movie a 7/10 rating, I rated it this way because it lacks the unpredictability of the story, some of Thor’s issues are not addressed properly and a somewhat rushed ending in my end.


If you find yourself reading this part of my review, I would like to invite you to say a prayer for the victims of typhoon Yolanda..