On Intellectual Property Rights

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Palanca Awards (www.rappler.com) Palanca Awards (www.rappler.com)

Today I learned that the most prestigious writing competition in the Philippines, the Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature, revised some of its rules, rules pertaining specifically to rights over property and ownership of entries sent to the award-giving body by contestants—-Filipino writers, budding, up and coming, seasoned, and veterans alike.

The organizers of the Palanca Awards had a stroke of brilliance and instituted rules that state, in plain words: anyone who enters the contest thereby surrenders copyright and all intellectual property rights over their entry piece. This means that the sponsors (Palanca Awards and their cohorts) can use all the literary pieces sent to them in whatever way they want: be it using the material to publish anthologies or novels and whatnot, adapting the stories into television programs or movies, translating the scripts from page to the stage, copying excerpts or even entire poems and turning…

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The De La Salle Song

Note: For entertainment purposes only, if you’re offended then you should reflect on your life.

De La Salle Song (in tune of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Kazakhstan National Anthem)

De La Salle greatest school in the world
All other schools are run by little girls
De La Salle number one producer of geniuses
All other schools have inferior geniuses

De La Salle home of Edu Manzano
He is Captain Barbell and ex of Ate Vi
His son Lucky Manzano is also from La Salle
His girlfriend Angel Locsin and ex is Anne Curtis

De La Salle De La Salle you very nice place
From the streets of Taft to the mountaintops of Dasma
De La Salle friend of all except Ateneo
They very jealous people who want to be La Sallians

De La Salle greatest inventors in the world
We invented Starbucks that Ateneans enjoy
De La Salle toilets cleanest in the country
Except of course those in call centers

De La Salle De La Salle you very nice place
From the streets of Taft to the mountaintops of Dasma
Come grasp the mighty arrow of our leader
From junction of its fletching to the tip of its head.