She Saw Red Roses and Green Trees

I took a sip of ice cold water from the freezer, and I told someone, “yes it’s been 9 years, 9 years this December.” Hard to imagine, someone being gone for that long. I looked down, paused and stared at an entertainment system, full of pictures and memories, for a minute I thought of my mother. I looked back and bravely told the people that asked me about my mom, my fondest memories of her. How much I miss her taking care of me until after my collegiate years, her frustrations and dreams, her last moments, the day of her symbolical burial.

After our conversation I continued to recall everything, looked back at the fun times we shared and the arguments we had because of our difference in philosophies. I remember all of them as if it was just yesterday, I wish things would have been different. I wish she were still here, maybe she’d be proud of me or maybe not. I may have held myself back a couple of times, even hundreds, I guess but she always will be one of my inspirations to become a better person. Her good example especially her compassion, unconditional love among others brought me to where I am right now.

Mommy, I know you can read this, I know the hardships you encountered taking care of me despite all my shortcomings and the problems I gave you growing up. I never had a chance thanking you, so right now, just like what I said during my speech at your funeral 10 years ago I would like to say THANK YOU. Thank you for putting up with me despite all the crappy things I did in the past. Sorry for being a pain, sorry for making the wrong decisions and thank you for letting me make those decisions that helped me earn my keep. I love you. If I can give 10 years, heck 20 years of my life just to be with you again, I will, just to spend one more day with you.

To all my readers, please don’t forget to say thank you to your parents, tell them you love them, hug them as much as possible, we may have differences with our parents but despite all that they love us unconditionally. Please hug them, give them a kiss, cherish every single second you have with them.


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