Promise Her The Moon

Why am I using a classic Mr. Big song? And why the fuck am I writing? After staring at her for hours as I watched her drifted off to sleep, I felt compelled to. I can’t help go back hours before as we tried to made love in the cold night and the starry skies. I wish the moment would last forever, the warmth of her embrace and the gentleness of her touch. I wished it never ended, and lets say I died in my sleep, I would be at peace knowing that a night with her is my last memory.

I always long to feel her embrace, the moment she wakes up in her slumber. The highlight of my day spending my time with her, no matter how small, even in a matter of seconds, time stand still, the universe stops, God rests. A moment etched in eternity, a moment I wanted for eternity, no, not a moment, but a reality that I wanted. I’d rather spend eternity alone and find her in countless of lifetimes and wait for this exact same moment to happen.

Now that the day has fallen, the dark has enveloped the skies, I can’t help but get out, look at the stars, find the answers, but somehow I end up thinking of despair, grief, and even with those red roses around me. The pavements are much darker, the night winds and even the cigarette as I ponder on things can’t seem to embrace me. I’m broken I guess. I thought I was invincible. brought me down to my knees, begging and hoping, maybe crying. No, not maybe, I am crying as I look up to the heavens waiting for answers, waiting for her.

I felt that at times my words meant nothing, afraid to who I become after dark. I can’t find my way back, back to where I can sit on top of a hill or maybe the mountain with her at my side, and own the universe as we gazed at the stars. Those memories give me strength, hope, but some say hope is for the desperate, but I say hope is for those who have faith, especially to those who took a leap, brave enough to face the challenges of tomorrow. I’ll wait if I have too. take the risk or that leap if I have to, it maybe a fool’s errand but I have to, I will never ever forgive myself if I let her slip away, and even if it takes a thousand lifetimes and generations, I will try to win her back.  She’s to good to be forgotten. She’s to good to be true.


A CALAMBEÑO IN BAGUIO PART 1 (January 26 to 27)

Well it took me 2 weeks to be in the mood to write something and somehow I have to include the Superbowl here as well. I also saw that my piece about the Lakers was published in another blog (though that blog will only give you an excerpt and gives you a link that will lead you here) and with that I’m glad that this place got a hit or 2 maybe more and was shared in facebook at least once. So I guess that in a way was a successful insight and I will make more of them in years to come.

With that out of the way lets start.. Around January 23 or 24 my Dad asked me if I wanted to go to Baguio with him for a vacation, told  him that OK I’ll check if rarejob already sent me an email for further instructions about my up coming job. But stars aligned and there was no email andI told my Dad that I’m going with him and never regretted coming (this was my first time in Baguio City by the way). So dad booked a hotel, researched online where to ride and of course Victory Liner is the best choice if you want to go to Baguio City.

So in the morning of the 26th of January we left at around 4AM and rode a bus going to Cubao, Quezon City, the terminal of that bus is a stone throw away from Victory so my dad bought us tickets and was booked for the 8AM trip (we arrived at the terminal around 5AM) though the ticket counter said that we can actually be chance passengers for the next trip which is 6 AM.. Long story short we took our chance and YES, we’re off to Baguio and was able to ride that 6AM bus hooray!!!!

Sorry no pictures from the bus. But anyway one of the coolest part of the trip is that the Bus has wi fi connection so I was able to search for prayer for travelling and be updated with the Bulls game who happens to be playing the Golden State Warriors during that time and the Bulls won! We stopped over in Tarlac City, Tarlac after close to 3 hours of travelling. Since it was only a 15 minute stop it was good enough only for puffing a cigarette or 2 and a pee break, good thing I had a heavy breakfast. The second stop was in Sison, Pangasinan where they served one of the tastiest pork bar-b-ques I ever had for an overpriced  price and a coke in a small stall Mr. Donut stall in that same bus stop, and of course another pee break.

During that long hours in the bus I’ve seen nice locales and places that the government should look at, I mean they should at least consider modernization to the place or at least give the local government enough budget to create something like an office building or something. Oh well “hindi naman ako siguro sa Bayan dumaan”  we’ll never know. Anyway after leaving Sison the last stop before going to the almost 5000 Ft below sea level city, perhaps the 2nd coldest place or the coldest place in the Philippines (some say its Mt Pulag in the nearby province of La Union). We reached Kennon Rd and saw a view from above, I think a saw beach and practically parts of Pangasinan. Damn those couple beside me I want to kick them out so I can see those majestic view for myself hahaha. A few minutes after trekking Kennon Rd, I already saw UP Baguio and and it’s gardens, I was excited I can’t wait to go down and enjoy the weather.

We eventually hit our destination the Victory Liner terminal near UP Baguio and SM Baguio (@ 12:30 pm). When I went down I was actually excited, excited that I immediately tapped the ground and say “first time ko” while kneeling on one leg doing the Tebow position. I looked like an idiot, maybe not. So my dad said let’s look for a place to eat, but I told my dad that let’s drop our bags to the hotel and just eat in SM Baguio, so off to the hotel. We reached the hotel which was named Hotel Veniz (in downtown Baguio near Burnham Park) a little close to 1:00 pm and got to our rooms around 1:15 pm. Veniz offers free wi fi and tweeted to my homies that I arrived in Baguio safe, as if somebody cares. We left the hotel around 1:30 pm to have lunch at SM Baguio. Well after luch our next stop was Camp John Hay, we had 3 optional activities: zip line; picnic; or jog around, I wanted to try zip lining and even listened to the seminar but I wasn’t allowe by the nurse because of my physical condition dammit! If only I can brag that I braved the long trekk of the Pagudpud falls or played 40 minutes of competative basketball she might allow me, anyway we chose to jog but  tommy abuel was nowhere to be found, you know the film with Sharon Cuneta, Jackie Lou Blanco, Rowell Santiago and William Martinez, Friends in love ring any bells? Oh well  I miss Viva Cinema.


Well the picture above was me @ Camp John Hay hoping that I get to do zip lining oh well, maybe next time.

Ourt next stop was at Mines View Park, and at this time I was actually looking for cigarettes. I mean my last cig was in Sison, and I’m still stuffed because of all the sisig that I ate in A Taste of Laoag as stand at the SM Foodcourt in Baguio, before going to Mines View I happen see a 7 11 in the area and guess what? No air con just an open door and a cool breeze from the City is good to ventilate the store, God I love Baguio and yes CIGARETTES!!!! Anyway this blog doesn’t promote smoking cigarettes or drinking booze hence my target still stands by the end of 2013 no more cigs.

So, while walking down the “viewing place” in Mines View, I saw a lot of stuff, like passion fruit, uhm lots of flowers, strawberries, the iconic everlasting which happens to be a flower that lasts forever, other than that I saw the people. I mean I never saw a number of people perhaps tourists and students who are having their field trip this many it’s like getting out of a Ginebra game in the PBA, or better yet like the time where Ding Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera had a mall tourin SM Calamba where you can hear fan boys (YES FAN BOYS) and fan girls go gaga over the couple if they only knew my Marian stories..  Though I managed to walk my way out of the crowd of tourist by slowly maneuvering my way through those slippery rocks and arrived without a scratch at the view deck.. GREAT SUCCESS!!

Mines view was interesting too bad my dad has his Samsung Note and i have to leave my HTC phone for charging and I didn’t get to take pictures of the view and how mining really destroyed crap out of that part of the mountain, well perhaps Mines View Park’s purpose is not to see it’s beauty but rather a reminder to take care of our environment and the negative effects of mining as well, well especially if the mining isn’t really careful with the environment.


So after hanging out in Mines View my dad asked me if I wanted to take pictures of me wearing an Igorot costume so we took pictures and this is my favorite behold, the warrior!

Igorot 300 style

Igorot 300 style

Well after Mines View Park my Dad decided to bring me to the Mansion the vacation house of every Philippine President since Manuel L. Quenzon (heck even the days of the American rule it was also the vacation house of the American Governor-Generals). After having a nice puff of cigs, we eventually went inside the compound and took pictures and even asked the guard there if Noynoy will be there, said he usually comes during the Philippine Military Academy Graduation, so yeah that blows I wanted to shake his hand and go nuts after all you don’t get to meet the President everyday except if you’re a cabinet member, or a family member like Kris Aquino, oh yeah.

Interestingly besides housing American Governor-Generals and Philippine Presidents, the Mansion was also the site of Japan's formal surrender during World War II

Interestingly besides housing American Governor-Generals and Philippine Presidents, the Mansion was also the site of Japan’s formal surrender during World War II

So after failing to do zip lining and being unable to find the mustache wielding Tommy Abuel in John Hay, muscling people in Mines View and visiting the Mansion (while eating the famous strawberry taho) we decided to rest and visit Burnham the site where most of the movie kilig scenes from Friends in Love and some Gabby Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta movies, oh well Sharon Cuneta should have  a shrine in Baguio so as Tommy Abuel’s mustache. We had a massage for Php 50 while viewing the pond, where in that time was undergoing renovations. So after the massage we decided to look for a place to eat and at least have one bottle of beer, so we decided to eat at Solibao Restaurant where in my opinion served one of the best Chopseuy I ever tasted in my entire life. Though my dad bragged about the tasty bar-b-ques in Burnham back in the early 90s we’re too tired too look for it but unfortunately after eating there was still a classic turo turo/bar-b-que restaurant  just outside the park, oh well off to the hotel.

So we decided to have an early sleep, though I wanted to wake up at around 2Am to hunt for babes and babes in white (if they show up) i failed to do so hence I woke up 5AM enough time to enjoy whatever’s left in the fog, went to Burnham and saw people jog while I plan my next visit, yes next time I’ll bring a jogging equipment so I can jog yey!!!

I want back to the hotel at 6 am for a scheduled breakfast, I stuffed myself with tocino, fried rice, egg with mushroom and potato nuggets damn those nuggets are good, after having a heavy breakfast we went to the PMA where our future military leaders train and hopefully they stay clean and not corrupt like some of our military officers. So every Sunday the cadets will gather up and do some drilling to the delight of the tourist there, but unfortunately a high ranking officer from the AFP visited the school and instead of having exhibitions and all those stuff we get to have a presentation in his honor, anyway it’s still fun though, there was part of me that the marching band played the Star Wars Imperial March as the General arrived.

Me with the future officers of our country

Me with the future officers of our country

Well I actually put this as a “highlight” of my trip not only did I get to attend the mass but this place is awfully familiar.

20130127_085334This is the Baguio Cathedral folks, after taking the 100 step ladder (which if I’m from Baguio I’ll take that stairs everyday as an exercise)  to attend the mass and honor the Lord. The place also housed a memorial plaque that honored those who died during the carpet bombing in 1945. The place is also a location for the double wedding of William Martinez and Sharon Cuneta , Jackie Lou Blanco and Rowell Santiago in the movie Friends in Love and of course Mr. Mustache was there as well, and there are a number of movie weddings are held there as well. Oh yeah!

So after going to the PMA, after having lunch at the Veniz we packed our things and decided to go back to Calamba, though unsuccessful in getting the girls name at least, it’s still a fun trip and a very nice place. I will miss the fresh scent of flowers combined with the soothing smell of those pine trees and the smokes you know when you go outdoors during the wee hours of the morning and started talking there’s smoke in your mouth, anyway I look forward on seeing Baguio again and enjoying the ambiance of the City of Pines.


Well in other news for some reason I was surprised that the Superbowl led the trends even after the game and the Baltimore Ravens were crowned champions.  So for a country who I bet doesn’t know who Superbowl MVP Joe Flacco is this is a surprise.

they even beat Be careful with my heart..

they even beat Be careful with my heart..

Again congratulations to Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens for winning Superbowl 47 and to the San Francisco 49ers for having an amazing season.